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Suona Family

Traditional Small Suona (Soprano Suona)¹

Traditional Large Suona (Alto Suona)²

Soprano Keyed Suona³

Alto Keyed Suona⁴

 Tenor Keyed Suona⁵

Bass Keyed Suona⁶


Suona Traditional Music

A hundred Birds Paying Homage to the Phoenix⁷

Our Love for the Land We Call Home⁸

Shan Xian Chun⁹

Wedding Song¹⁰


Orchestral Use

Chou-Kong-Shan (Sorrowful, Desolate Mountain)¹¹

Three Melodies of West Yunnan¹²

Trace IV Concerto¹³

The Great Desert and the Yellow River¹⁴


Modern Improvisation

Fung Wah Express¹⁵



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